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A theme-based monthly printable curriculum, designed especially for 2 & 3 year olds!

Get your HOLIDAY BONUSES with ANY purchase! (Easter, St. Patrick's Day and more!)


Looking to keep your toddler busy AND learning, without tablets and TV? Stop spending too much time on Pinterest, or hopping from blog to blog, only to find a few random "toddler" printables that are not even age-appropriate.


Save yourself countless hours with this done-for-you, age-appropriate toddler curriculum, complete with monthly themes (and weekly sub-themes). We also provide read-aloud videos of hand-picked toddler books that go along with the themes.


We've done all the thinking for you! All you need to do is print and prep.


What's Included each month:

Each month will have an overall theme and 4 weekly sub-themes. You will receive the following:

  • 8 book read-aloud videos (2 per weekly sub-theme)
  • 32 printable activities especially designed for 2 & 3 year olds (8 per weekly sub-theme)
  • Ideas and instructions for crafts, sensory, science, gross motor, fine motor, group games, etc. for each sub-theme!
  • Wall decor/signs to display monthly and weekly themes
    NOTE: All resources are digital (printable) PDF files. Also, we do not provide the books, only the videos.

"We are loving! My son asks me to do the activities with him. Thank you soo much."

Juliana M.

"We love Toddler Learning Club! Itโ€™s so cute and has the funnest themes! Canโ€™t wait for more!"

Brandyne W.

"The kiddos absolutely love all the activities and we laminate the sheets to be used for so many purposes and for the future. Really easy to use and works in all learning areas!"

Karen W.

"I am really excited about this learning club my kids love it. Thanks so much!!!"


"First off, this is SUCH A GREAT IDEA!! I was so excited to see this and my daughter is already obsessed with it."

Sam V.

"Amazing material. Covers the basic foundation for my son. My son has loved it so far the 2 months we have worked on this curriculum / activities. Thank you for your wonderful activities, crafts, books and worksheets."

Priyanka E.

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*This is a digital printable subscription*

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30-Day Money Back Guarantee


Frequently Asked Questions:

What age group is Toddler Learning Club subscription for?

Toddlers, approximately 2 and 3 years old, as well as special needs children.

How is this different from all the free printables I can find on Totschooling and all over the web?

Toddler Learning Club is a curriculum designed especially for toddlers. Instead of searching all over the internet for random unrelated activities that may not even be suitable for your toddler, we have done all the work for you and designed an awesome age-appropriate curriculum that your toddler will love! Convenient and time-saving! We also enhance the curriculum by providing read-aloud videos to hand-picked toddler/preschool books, as well as ideas for crafts, sensory and science activities. This adds other important elements in your toddler's development.

What do I need to prepare these materials?

Printer and paper (or a print shop), as well as laminator, laminating sheets and clear velcro dots. (For toddlers we strongly recommend to laminate and use clear velcro dots as this helps to create sturdy and tangible activities that they can be hands-on with.) Some activities may also require other basic supplies such as playdoh, markers, etc.

What if I don't have a color printer?

We do not provide black and white versions of these activities as we feel that toddlers need the colored activities to aid them in learning and helping them recognize the images. If you do not have a color printer, please print the materials at a print shop (Staples, etc.)

Will I have time to do all this prep work?

Laminating and velcro-ing the activities will take some prep time. However, we strive to design the activities with easy-prep in mind. Also, don't forget that the result will be a set of reusable materials that your toddler can do over and over again, and can even be used with future children or students.

What do I get every month?

Each month will have an overall theme and 4 weekly sub-themes (see image above for list of themes). You will receive the following each month: 

  • 8 book read-aloud videos (2 per weekly sub-theme)

  • 32 printable activities especially designed for 2 & 3 year olds (8 per weekly sub-theme)

  • Ideas and instructions for crafts, sensory, science, gross motor, fine motor, group games, etc. for each sub-theme!
  • Wall decor/signs to display monthly and weekly themes

    Please Note: All resources are digital (printable) PDF files. Also, we do not provide the books, only the videos.
Can I receive the entire 12 month curriculum at once?

Yes! Those who purchase the annual option will receive access to all 12 months immediately.

How do I access my subscription?

After purchase, your account will be created and you'll receive an email with your own username and password. To access your subscription and download your files, you can login in at Every month you will have access to new files (as well as previous months), and you will receive email alerts when new files have been released.

Can I share my subscription with a friend?

No, please do not share your subscription with others. We've made it low-cost in order to be affordable for as many people as possible.

What if I want to cancel my subscription?

If you signed up for the monthly subscription, you can cancel any month at least 3 days before your rebill day by sending an email to [email protected] with the word CANCEL in the subject line.

If you sign up with the 12-month option, you have until 30 days after purchase to request a refund.

I have another question... how do I contact someone?

No problem, you can send us an email at [email protected] and we will be happy to assist you!

Viviana has been helping educate children all over the world, through printable activities, since 2014.

Viviana Florea, Founder of Totschooling, My Magic Backpack & Toddler Learning Club


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